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Biodynamic Cranio-sacral Therapy

Contact May directly for an appointment, private sessions are at #309 - 1037 West Broadway, Vancouver BC.

I completed my studies in the biodynamic model of craniosacral therapy (BCST) in Vancouver, in 2015, through the Body Intelligence organization, and with Ged Sumner as my main teacher (author of You Are How You Move and Body Intelligence: Creating a New Environment). 

BCST is oriented to the fluid body, and to expanding health within your whole system, so that traumas and injuries settle quietly into the whole and lose their ability to hold your attention. It is a practice that requires a quiet, hands-on, listening presence from the practitioner, so that the client can express what needs to be expressed and make their own quiet adjustments toward less pain and more whole body connection.

BCST is nicely congruent with the principles of the Feldenkrais Method in that both connect with the innate intelligence of each person, without imposing solutions on the client. Both have the broader aim of expanding health and possibilities. There are a number of differences and similarities between the two methods - some clients prefer BCST, others prefer the Feldenkrais Method, some like a combination of both, it's a very personal decision. I mainly work with them as two separate modalities, although they definitely inform each other. Call me so we can speak in person about which methodology (or a combination) will suit you better.

I know of only one or two other persons in Western Canada who practice both the Feldenkrais Method and BCST - it's a rare combination, and one I find to be very effective. 

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