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Group classes: 
Awareness Through Movement (ATM)

All community centre classes cancelled until further notice, for health and safety purposes

Contact May by email to inquire about online classes


ATM group lessons are a unique combination of movement, inquiry, observation and directed attention, inviting you to use your cognitive and physical senses. By integrating moving, thinking, sensing and feeling, you develop an ability to make new connections, to have more choice in your life, more vitality and responsiveness to your environment. ATM lessons are designed as an organic learning process – done slowly, without judgement or a need to succeed, 
guided only by a sensation of satisfaction. The results are sometimes linear and sometimes non-linear - sometimes physical or sometimes life changing. The unique individual response is what an make it challenging to describe the Method, it's best to experience it for yourself. 

ATM group lessons often start with comfortable, easy movements, laying the foundation, then gradually adding more challenging movements of greater range and complexity. ATM can explore specific and fundamental functions, such as flexion, extension or rotation, breathing or use of the eyes, or they might explore movements based on yoga postures, martial arts, or the child development process. In each ATM, you learn to clarify your internal skeletal support, your capacity to respond to your environment and to rediscover ease and joy in movement. Every class is different, and yet effects the whole person in sometimes surprising ways.

Wear loose, comfortable, layered clothing. Private ATM lessons are also available. 

Private sessions: 
Functional Integration (FI)

Contact May directly to make an appointment, private sessions are at #309 - 1037 West Broadway, Vancouver BC.


Functional Integration (FI) is a private session, more focussed to the personal needs of the client, whether seeking relief from pain, or improvement in sports or the performing arts, or living with a general sense of wanting to "heal", whatever personal meaning that has to you.

FI can be done in lying, sitting, standing or kneeling positions. Through gentle and supportive touch and guiding words, I will help you explore a series of movements to increase your awareness of self and expand your range of thought, action, and expression. You will see and feel how the parts affect the whole and the whole affects the parts, and how you can shift your attention, make your own adjustments in your daily life, and gradually integrate the changes you seek. An FI can explore specific actions, such as walking, swimming, playing an instrument, or practicing yoga or can simply focus on learning to be more comfortable and at ease in your life. The possibilities are endless. An FI lasts approximately 45 – 60 minutes.

FI is also useful for anyone who wants more accelerated learning, or prefers private study.

A combination of both FI and ATM is highly recommended. Check out the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy page of this website for other options.

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